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We offer a wide range of high-quality flooring, underlay, trims, and accessories to enhance your living and working environment.

Clever Australian Timbers

The Australian Timber species collection is about bringing the natural beauty of our Australian landscape into your home. We offer one of the largest ranges of Australian Hardwood flooring species each with their own unique individual patterns formed over many years, featuring
natural elegant knots, enriched grains, life lines and other natural
features. When each board is pieced together you will create a master artwork in your home.

Clever Australian Timbers Flooring
Clever Bamboo

Clever Bamboo

Clever’s history begins here. Clever Choice floors is renowned for being the best supplier of quality and affordable Bamboo flooring throughout Australia. Bamboo is an attractive natural material using natural renewable resources. Although the bamboo plant is a type of grass, bamboo flooring behaves much like hardwood timber floors. View the Clever Bamboo 14mm range and remember to include Clever Underlay, Scotia, trims and accessories as your entire flooring solution.

Clever Classic Laminate

Clever Classic Laminate has been designed and engineered for its
superior durability and high scratch resistance. Comprising a hard-wearing, stain-resistant surface, combined with fashionable timber decors and sizes, means that Clever Classic Laminate floors offer wear resistance protection for peace of mind for everyday living. A full range of color-matched scotia, stairnoses, and trims are available for an elegant and seamless finish.

Classic Laminate
Clever European Oak

Clever European Oak

The Clever European Engineered Oak is a majestic collection of flooring that comprises of four ranges to suit a variety of colour and size requirements. The European Engineered Oak ranges provide for greater strength and versatility in board widths compare to a solid piece of timber that would traditionally be thinner. The Clever Oak ranges include our Elegance 12mm, Authentic 14mm, XL 14mm, and Luxury 20mm. Click through to discover more but let us be upfront and warn you that you will leave falling in love with Clever Oak!

Clever Hybrid

The Stunning Clever Hybrid collection is a stone and plastic composite product engineered for superior durability, water resistance, reliability, and peace of mind for everyday living. This product can be installed throughout your home, office, or retail store. It features water resistant core and surface layer along with scratch and UV resistant surface layer for long-lasting wear.

Clever Hybrid
Clever Hydro

Clever Hydro

At the heart of Clever Hydro is an evolutionary core engineered for superior durability and water resistance against spills. A hard-wearing, stain-resistant surface, combined with fashionable timber decors and sizes, means that Clever Hydro laminate offers peace of mind for everyday living. A full range of colour-matched scotia, stair noses, and trims are available for an elegant and seamless finish.

Clever Scotia

To ensure your overall satisfaction with your flooring installation the finish of your floor is as important as your selections and installations from the start. Scotia serves as a functional need due to the expansion gap that is required around the perimeter of the room/s as well as a decorative element. At Clever Choice, we offer a wide range of colours to choose from across our MDF and SPC Clever Scotia types. Yes, Clever offers a waterproof Scotia option to match your Clever Hybrid or Clever Hydro flooring choice.


Clever Stairnose

When installing flooring on your staircase considering matching a Clever Stairnose to finish the edge where your rise and tread meets. Stair nosing is a horizontal piece that protrudes over the edge of your steps and those extra millimeters provide an extra landing for your footsteps. The stairnose is where most of the foot traffic occurs. Choose Clever Stair nosing for function and to enhance the finish of your flooring installation. Discover the full range of colours and types. We also have custom stairnosing available for our Australian Timber Species and European Oak floorboard products.

Clever Trims

Trims for flooring installations are almost always overlooked items as part of flooring purchases. Trims are useful to ensure successful flooring installation in your home or office that will add to the performance and reduce the chance of issues with your flooring. Trims serve multiple purposes including bridging areas, to cover expansion and contraction gaps, they also help with integration and overall harmony of your entire floorboard installation. When designing your flooring installation and preparing your items for purchase, ensure you discuss Clever Trims and accessories.

Clever Trims Room

Clever Underlay

Selecting the most appropriate underlayment to go with your flooring installation for your individual circumstances can provide significant benefits to the overall finish of your floors. There is a wide range of Clever Underlay for different purposes including acoustic and thermal insulation, acts as cushioning for comfort underfoot, correct minor imperfections and prevent damage from moisture. Discover the Clever Underlay range and find the most suitable Clever Underlay for your floorboard installation.

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