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Clever Choice Design Floors was established in 2003. The founder’s passion and drive combined with his extensive product knowledge, expertise, and understanding of customers’ needs made Clever Choice a force in the Australian flooring industry and gave rise to Clever being one of the top brands in the flooring market and a household name in flooring.

Over the years, the Clever Choice brand continues its commitment to quality first in flooring research and development and has grown to include many signature products and prestigious collections.

Clever Choice holds preferred supplier status with major retail chains such as Floorworld, Flooring Xtra, Discount City Carpets, Andersens and many timber flooring focused Independent retail and commercial outlets throughout Australia.

The Clever Choice team is unique in the way that all staff, from our warehouse staff to our senior management are extremely passionate about flooring and possess extensive product knowledge. By knowing all aspects of the origin of our flooring, through the harvesting and manufacturing of the flooring, all our staff understand and know how each product will perform in many different environments. We ensure suitability for purpose and supply the best flooring solution for the individual customers’ needs and requirements for a happy and fulfilling experience. Our sales and accounts office is based on the sunny Gold Coast, working out of an open-plan office environment, while our huge warehouse is located in the heart of Sydney in Auburn, a great central location for ease of dispatch for all our national clients.

At Clever Choice, we are family-focused ensuring all team members work commitments fit in with their family and lifestyle, which in return ensures all staff are happy, reliable and most of all focused on offering our customers a friendly and helpful customer experience while delivering clear and informed product and delivery expectations

Our reward is ensuring our customers are happy with their Clever Choice. We have become highly recognised as one of the market leaders for supplying superior quality flooring products and complete flooring solutions. Our job at Clever Choice doesn’t just end in the supply of quality flooring to our partners, we see the end-user as our customer as well. Our expert team are here to provide advice and suggestions on all our products and their installation in your home or workplace.

The “Clever” brand is respected as high quality and has been specified and installed in government and major construction projects, and thousands of happy customers’ homes.

Hear from our Team

Accreditation and Certificates

Clever Choice has the independent certification to satisfy criteria for our products to be specified, performed, and used for government and commercial projects, as well as offering the satisfaction of retail consumer expectations for quality, environmental standards, and suitability for purpose. The Clever Choice range of products complies with fire rating, slip rating, and VOC emission standards to satisfy Australian commercial and domestic building codes. Please view each product category page for full details.

Quality First Focus

The primary focus of Clever Choice is a happy, friendly and professional customer experience by providing the highest quality flooring solution at the most competitive price.

Our commitment to excellence in customer service and flexible supply ensure that we strive to exceed all customer’s requirements. And it does not end there. We welcome all our partners and customers to visit either of our two Clever Choice locations to view our products. Whilst there you can be explained the process of our supply and obtain training, advice, and information on individual products. Book an appointment with one of our staff and you will see first hand why choosing Clever Choice is the best decision you could make.

Our friendly and expertly trained team understand that time is our business partners’ greatest asset and as such we ensure that all meetings and location visits are scheduled in advance. and relevant product information and training is delivered efficiently and effectively.

We understand that each business is different and as our products are displayed in over 400 retail stores and commercial outlets, we have developed multiple ways to showcase our extensive product range to suit each allocated space. This includes product sample pieces to allow for a personal experience and the ability to touch and feel the product. We have found this to be an important part of the sales process, the ability to see and feel the product only helps to confirm the Clever Choice quality.

Supporting print product information brochures, and an online presence through our www.cleverchoice.com.au website and social media sites.

Make A Clever Choice

Clever Choice is devoted to excellence in research, product development, and customer service. You can count us to bring you high-quality, affordable and adaptable products.


Our products are available and accessible from flooring stores across Australia

Independently Tested

Independently Tested product specifications have been independently tested and certified to meet International and Australian standards.


Customers are always given warm, friendly, knowledgeable, and professional service complemented by our appreciation


High-quality products and affordability.

The Clever Way

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Our Clever Vision

A passionate, friendly and caring team creating “Raving Fans” by delivering an exceptional customer experience and Clever flooring solutions.

Our Clever Mission

Clever Choice continues to innovate product development and formulate sustainable flooring solutions in order to deliver the highest quality products to the Australian flooring market.

Our relationships and products will always reflect our commitment to quality and offer exceptional customer service and value for money.

Our Clever Values
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Family Focused
  • Best practice
  • Integrity, accountability and dependability
  • Technical excellence
  • Continuous improvement and innovation
  • Environmentally Sustainable
Our Clever Principles
  1. Commitment to quality first, style and value
  2. Commitment to all our customers:

-Trade, Independent Stores and Retail Groups
-Suppliers and Staff
-Business and Industry
-Community and general public

Our Business Principles
  • Collaboration: Leverage collective experience, skills and knowledge. We will involve all stakeholders in the quality improvement process.
  • Performance: Driven by our customers’ needs we are committed to continually improve our processes and quality of service
  • Diversity: Our success will come from inclusiveness and valuing different ideas, opinions, strengths, interests, and cultural backgrounds
  • Passion: Encourage innovation and efficiencies in all our work and service to continually and consistently move forward. Do the basics exceptionally well and keep it simple.
Our Clever Ethics
  • We will foster integrity by being honest, fair and equitable in all our dealings
  • We will abide by government laws and regulations
  • We will support the correct supply chain and follow our supplier agreements
  • We will maintain appropriate confidentiality of staff and customer records





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Clever Choice products have & continue to be specified in Government, major commercial & retail projects.

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