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With the goal in mind of creating a community of Qualified Professional Floor Installers, Clever Choice aims to give flooring installers the training and knowledge in all Clever Choice products. With certifications in Flooring and a minimum of 5 years of experience, a Clever Choice Accredited Installer can be trusted to provide a level of craftsmanship that is second to none. Working with Trade Schools, Clever Choice wants to become a driving force in growing the industry through an expanding core of qualified installers. The vision is to provide a valid career pathway in the flooring industry so that school leavers and job hunters can see the opportunities as a qualified installer. The flooring installer is the heart and soul of the industry and with experienced and certified tradesmen they will continue to be the foundation that holds the flooring industry together.

Find an Accredited Installer

What is an Accredited Installer?

• Their business principal & team leaders have attended the Clever Induction – 1-day course covering:

  • Product training module
  • Site assessment module
  • Subfloor testing & Preparation module
  • Flooring installation and finishes module
  • Cleaning and Maintenance module
  • Warranty module
  • Inspection module

• Their business has operated for minimum of 5 years

• Their business principal holds a min, Cert II qualification in Flooring or Building

• Their business must be current ATFA members

• Their business has a minimum Level 2 – ATFA Master Flooring Contractor Accreditation

• They submit official quotes, contracts, and warranties to their clients

• They will guarantee a quality-assured outcome to a commercially acceptable floor standard

• They can demonstrate a high level of workmanship through onsite assessments, photos, videos & references.

• They agree to follow the Clever Choice inspection process and work with Clever to rectify any installation issues if they arise during the warranty of the floor.

• They agree to attend an annual Clever Updated training module

• They maintain an activity Facebook and Instagram pages showcasing their workmanship and testimonies

Make A Clever Choice

Clever Choice is devoted to excellence in research, product development, and customer service. You can count us to bring you high-quality, affordable and adaptable products.

Nation-wide :  Our products are available and accessible from flooring stores across Australia

Independently Tested :   product specifications have been independently tested and certified to meet International and Australian standards.

Customers :  are always given warm, friendly, knowledgeable, and professional service complemented by our appreciation

Affordable :  High-quality products and affordability.

The Clever Way

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To create “Raving Fans” by offering an environmentally sustainable hardwood flooring alternative that upholds the high standards of quality and beauty


Clever Choice continues to innovate product development and formulate sustainable flooring solutions in order to deliver the highest quality products to the Australian flooring market.  Our relationships and products will always reflect our commitment to quality and offer exceptional customer service and value for money.

  • Excellence in customer service
  • Best practice
  • Integrity, accountability and dependability
  • Technical excellence
  • Continuous improvement and innovation
  • Environmentally Sustainable
  • Our staff are like family and come first
  1. Commitment to quality first, style and value
  2. Commitment to all our customers:

-Trade, Independent Stores and Retail Groups
-Suppliers and Staff
-Business and Industry
-Community and general public

  • Collaboration: Leverage collective experience, skills and knowledge. We will involve all stakeholders in the quality improvement process.
  • Performance: Driven by our customers’ needs we are committed to continually improve our processes and quality of service
  • Diversity: Our success will come from inclusiveness and valuing different ideas, opinions, strengths, interests, and cultural backgrounds
  • Passion: Encourage innovation and efficiencies in all our work and service to continually and consistently move forward. Do the basics exceptionally well and keep it simple.
  • We will foster integrity by being honest, fair and equitable in all our dealings
  • We will abide by government laws and regulations
  • We will support the correct supply chain and follow our supplier agreements
  • We will maintain appropriate confidentiality of staff and customer records





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