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Grades of Wood Flooring

When selecting your new floor, make sure that you choose a floor that will suit your individual preferences and likes. Clever Ultimate Bamboo™ has a single A grade. Clever Elegant Oak™, has a combination of ABCD grade.

This is a brief explanation of the natural variation in the grades of timber when it is manufactured. The Grade of the product affects its appearance, but not its suitability for use.

These are the main natural features taken into account when grading wood flooring;

The number & size of knots and imperfections.

The amount of sap present in the plank.

The level of variation between planks.

These wood flooring grades are described as ;

AB (Prime Grade)

This is the highest grade available in wood flooring. This wood is cut from the centre of the tree, and the wood from the centre is much more uniform and has far less knots & imperfections. AB grade flooring has a much lower sap content, usually no more than 5% of the board which leads to a more uniform colour across different boards. If you like a wooden floor with minimal feature and character this is for you.

ABC (Select Grade)

This wood will contain slightly more knots than the AB grade and can often be larger in size. To ensure the planks can be considered as ABC grade, the knots should be no bigger than 20mm. This timber can contain anywhere up to 10% sap content in each plank, this grade has slightly more varied colour between boards.

ABCD (Natural Grade)

This grade of timber contains more knots than both AB and ABC grade flooring. These knots can be as big as 50mm in diameter. Manufacturers often use coloured wood filler or “putty” to fill in the larger knots, which then allows for a more even finish. This putty can be either lighter or darker than the board and can look attractive in both ways, depending on personal preference. This is the floor for you if you like feature and character.

CD (Rustic Grade)

This grade of wood offers the greatest colour and grain variation of all real wood boards. This grade can contain knots up to 50mm in size and presents a more rustic timber appearance. CD grade timber uses wood fillers to give a more even finish. This flooring offers the widest variance between planks and gives the floor the most natural appearance.

For further information, please refer to the ATFA Timber Grades PDF, by clicking here

ATFA Timber Floor Grades





Natural gum vein holes in the boards are filled with putty during manufacturing. The colour of the putty can vary.


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