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Poor versus Professional Stairnose Installation – there is a difference!

There is a lot more thought, preparation, and work required when installing floating floors and stairnoses on your staircase. It is always a good idea to be prepared and understand some of the basics before you decide between being a DIY’er or engaging a professional installer.

Some other considerations include whether you opt for a pre-made stairnose which can have some minor variations to your flooring. Premade stairnoses are generally readily available at the time of placing your flooring order as opposed to waiting for a custom stairnose order. There would also be a slight difference in cost between pre-made versus custom-made. Clever Choice custom-made stairnoses are manufactured locally and made from the batch of flooring ordered, therefore, producing a better match.

Have a look below at a basic visual example that highlights a poor versus a professional finish.


The image below is an example of a poor stairnose installation. The exposed edge is not only displeasing but it also creates a hazard.


The images below are examples of a professional stairnose installation. You will see that a professional 45-degree angle cut to create a return has been made. There is a distinct difference in the quality of workmanship and you definitely tell that there has been time taken to prepare and measure the installation. The results mean no exposed edges or hazards leaving a functional, proper, and complete finish. Class, elegance, and high-value for the home-owner. 

Click on the link to download a pdf that provides a summary of the comparison between a poor and professional stairnose installation.

View our starinoses and information available to further assist you on your flooring purchase journey.

We highly recommend viewing samples of your choice of flooring and pre-made stairnoses prior to making a purchase decision. Discuss your Clever flooring purchase with your local flooring store and Clever Choice stockist!

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