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On Saturday 24 October 2020, a representative of Clever Choice Design Floors was in attendance at a local charity fundraiser event held at Castle Towers in the Chateau Show Room.

The purpose of the event was simple! To raise as many funds as possible for the McGrath Foundation to continue their amazing work with McGrath Breast Care Nurses supporting individuals and their families experiencing breast cancer.

Our Finance Manager, Percy Yang explained “It is important for Clever Choice, it is part of our values and ethics as a business to have involvement in our community and show our support for organised fundraising initiatives in the effort to have a lasting impact in our society and to also lift the spirits and morale of everyone around us including our Clever Team.”

Every contribution can make a difference!

Would you like to make a Clever difference in the lives of others? Head on over to the McGrath Foundation fundraising page to discover ways that you can make a real difference, click here.

We’ve captured a few photos from the event, enjoy the images below:

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