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The use of laminate flooring in a particular room or for a specific purpose does not apply to all laminate floors. However, the laminate flooring you choose for each room can help to reform your home with a fresh, updated look. But, as you begin exploring the wide varieties of laminate flooring available to fit every space in your house, you will soon discover just how many there are!

Here are a few tips to choose a laminate floor that will suit your room’s needs and style

Lounge and living room

Whether you call it the lounge or living room, whatever it might be, it should be a versatile space – where you will spend the most time with friends and loved ones and is also the room that is likely to undergo regular redecoration. If you choose colour laminate flooring, it will complement any colour scheme, and you can update the look of your living room without changing the floor completely.


The natural light from a Sunroom must be something that you enjoy. As a result, you must choose laminate flooring that will reflect the natural sunlight that enters your home through the roof and windows. As a result, the floor maintains a sense of spaciousness and warmth in the area. Plants deserve a place in conservatories; you don’t have to go with a wooden floor. Instead, choose light tile-inspired flooring like tile laminate flooring to create a warm feel and freshness.

Dining room

The dining room is where you entertain guests with hot drinks, rich food, and anything else that might stain. So, if you want to create a dark wood effect, in that case, you can’t go wrong with a look that looks surprisingly like natural wood, but has the advantage of being easy to wipe clean, even a few days after an event. The wood-floor look can be unrealistic for homes with real wood furnishings, so choose hand-scraped or rustic finishes laminate flooring for a more natural appearance.


It is important to select flooring which is truly a reflection of your personality when you are choosing for your bedroom. Several techniques can produce a laminated photographic image or graphical top layer that gives the appearance of wood or the desired effect, depending on what you want. Due to the wide variety of colours and designs available in laminate flooring, it is the most popular type of flooring choice. It is easy to achieve a rustic, country-chic look by choosing a flooring product with a raw wooden finish, such as the Clever Choice laminate flooring. It is an excellent, hard-wearing, value-for-money product that is easy to install and maintain.


The design of a kitchen is less critical when it comes to functionality and practicality. Suitable laminate flooring for kitchens needs to be moisture-resistant, easy to clean and maintain, and slip-resistant. While luxury vinyl tile flooring is an excellent product for rooms, if you want the variety and price of laminate flooring for the kitchen, you can choose from a limited range of options. The option of buying laminate flooring with a tile effect from Clever Choice gives your kitchen a pleasant appearance. Thousands of homes and businesses in Australia have used the services of Clever Choice for their flooring requirements.

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