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How do I clean & maintain my Clever floors

The answers to ‘how do I clean & maintain my Clever floors’ will be uncovered in this article. This will be a great resource filled with tips and suggestions on how to clean and maintain your Clever floors. This article aims to provide you with valuable and relevant information to avoid finding yourself in a tough spot.

Cleaning Clever Floors: 

You should know that prefinished wood floors like any other flooring type will experience general wear and tear over years of use. They can also scratch easily if not taken care of when using, moving, or replacing furniture in the home/office/space.

  • Never use abrasive cleaners, soap, vinegar, alcohol, turps, detergents, waxes, or polishes on your Clever floors
  • If you are using a cleaner to wipe up spills, dirt, or grime on your floors always remove the excess with a clean rag or use a wet/dry vacuum and apply a PH neutral floor cleaner to a new cleaning rag or cloth to wipe the floor clear of any remaining spillage.
  • Always avoid cleaning products that do not state/labeled that they are made specifically for your floor type
  • Prevent a build-up of dirt and dust. Regularly dust, sweep and/or vacuum your floors. When using a broom or vacuum ensure that the bristles are soft and do not have any metal/unprotected objects run along your floors, so avoid a rotating brush or beater bar
  • When using a mop albeit carefully, make sure it is not wet and has been wrung dry.
  • Avoid excessive moisture or wetness on your floors especially laminate and hardwood floors. The water can seep into the seams and cause damage (like swelling or floor bubbling). Pools of water can also cause staining or fading. Water can also cause mould or mildew to grow.
  • Avoid stains by wiping up spills and liquids immediately
  • If a tough spot does not just wipe away easily with a clean cloth, do not tackle tough spots such as oil, paint, markers, lipstick, ink, tar, or cigarette marks without consulting a professional flooring consultant.
  • Do read the product installation/care and maintenance instructions that come with your flooring purchase

Maintaining Clever Floors: 

Along with everything listed above, the suggestions below are great active tips that you can implement to help maintain the integrity and longevity of your Clever Floors.

  • Avoid stilettos! Stilettos are like hail damage on a car. If you are unsure of how your footwear will affect your floors then test your shoes on left-over pieces of flooring.
  • If you have tradespeople entering your home ensure they are not leaving their tools on your floor. Apply a barrier between your floors, and the work they need to carry out for you, some left-over underlay or floor protector sheets will do the trick!
  • Shield your floors from UV exposure caused by direct sunlight by drawing your blinds/drapes closed or closing your shutters
  • Use furniture protectors, rugs, soft coasters for your household items including chairs, tables, household plants
  • A welcome mat at your front door is not only a friendly design statement but also serves a purpose to capture dirt and grit that may be lining the bottom of shoes before entering the home/office
  • Maintain your pet’s toenails by having them trimmed/filed by your VET
  • Heat generated from electronics can damage your flooring overtime, so it is best to consider/plan how your electronics will be installed/stored
  • Your floors can be refinished with the right product. We highly recommend that before using a product you test the product on a sample piece, take a look at the wood floor and wood refresh range from Bona
  • You can engage a professional company such as Electrodry to assist with the restoration and/or refinishing of your floors
  • Investing in a Humidifier in your home or office can minimise/reduce the gaps and the expansion and contraction of your wooden floors

Cleaning and maintaining your Clever Choice floors may seem laborious in black and white text, however, if you instill good practice with cleaning routines and act quickly at the first sign of spillage, stains, or scratches it will be worth your while in reducing long term stress, worry, and hassles.

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