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For many years people living in units and high-rise buildings have not been able to live their best life. Generally, unit or apartment owners will get to a point where they will want to look at renovating their homes. Whilst they are limited by layout and space provided by their dwelling of choice, they are also limited by stringent body corporate rules they must adhere to. For too long hardwood flooring has been thought of as a no go zone due to acoustics issues that arise. In this article, we are going to explode the myth that you can’t have the flooring you want in a high rise and thanks to quality underlay, those of you contemplating a reno should definitely consider all types of Clever’s Hardwood flooring.

Modern Living

Whilst Australia hasn’t reached the levels of Asia and Europe with high-density living, the need to accommodate the growing population has seen a marked increase over the years. No longer are high-rise, high-density dwellings just for hotels and holidaymakers, many Australians are choosing to live the high-rise life instead of owning their own block of dirt. There are many reasons for this but no matter the reasons, you shouldn’t be stopped from owning the home you want and have it styled in the way you want it. With the right underlay you can have the floor you have always wanted and live that high rise life, it’s the best of both worlds.


There is no doubt there are several misconceptions when it comes to installing Hardwood flooring in a unit or apartment. The main one being: –

  1. You can’t lay flooring in an apartment due to acoustic issues for neighbours below.

For anyone living in a unit and wanting new floors, this is a major hurdle. The truth is that not every building is designed to have Hardwood flooring but at Clever Choice, we can help solve that problem with quality underlay.

There are several underlay options available from Clever Choice with the Clever Acoustic Foam, Rubber and Cork having an AAAC rating of 5 or 6 stars with most of the range of flooring options. This should ensure that your neighbours below don’t feel like they are living above a dance studio.

The Answer – Quality Underlay

It would seem a pretty simple answer to say that underlay is the answer to all your problems but not all underlay is created equal. At Clever Choice, we have spent hours of research and development to ensure that the underlay that we choose for each application is the correct underlay. With 7 underlay options available, knowing which underlay to choose could be the difference between a happy life and a war with the neighbours. All underlay options are highly rated under the AAAC rating system with all applications having 5 or 6-star ratings.


Living in a unit or apartment shouldn’t stop anyone from living their best flooring life and with the right guidance and underlay you can. The team at Clever Choice are experts in the subtle art of underlay for acoustic purposes. With the right underlay, the whispers in the hallways will all be about how great your new floor looks and not how noisy you are. Trust Clever Choice to provide you with the best flooring solution for your home and your high rise neighbours.

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