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Are you thinking about updating your home with herringbone flooring? Whether you’re looking for a modern or rustic look, this classic floor design offers endless possibilities. Here at Clever Choice Flooring, we’re here to provide you with some stylish ideas.

Herringbone floors have been a go-to style for many homeowners over the years – and it’s easy to see why. With its unique pattern, herringbone flooring can instantly give any room an elegant and stylish look.

Herringbone flooring is an instantly recognizable pattern that features rows of rectangular tiles arranged in an angled zigzag fashion. Traditionally, the tiles were laid in contrasting colours to create a chevron effect that adds texture and character to any room. Today, however, these floors are available in a range of materials from hardwood to stone and ceramic tiles, giving homeowners plenty of options when it comes to colour and style.

Furthermore, its timeless design makes it perfect for both modern and rustic home interiors alike. Whether you want to give your kitchen a contemporary feel or spruce up an old living area, herringbone flooring can be the perfect fit.

For those who are looking to add a hint of sophistication to their home décor, here are some styling ideas that will help you get the most out of your herringbone floors:

Modern Look

When it comes to creating a modern look with herringbone floors, there is no better choice than lighter colours – such as white or grey. These colours will help create a bright and airy space that will instantly make your room seem bigger and more inviting. As an added bonus, they’ll also reflect natural light nicely throughout your home.

If you want to add visual interest to the space, consider pairing lighter shades with dark accents such as black accessories or furniture pieces. This contrast is sure to create a striking aesthetic that will draw attention from visitors. To complete the modern look, try adding metallic elements such as silver fixtures or chrome appliances in order to achieve an ultra-chic result.

Rustic Charm 

For those who are after something more traditional and comforting, opt for darker colours in order to bring out the rustic beauty of your herringbone floors. Shades like brown or ochre look especially stunning against wood furnishings like cabinets and side tables. To enhance the effect even further, choose aged furniture pieces with exposed wood grains or texture which will help add depth and character to the room. Finish things off with cream-coloured items like cushions or rugs in order to soften up the overall feeling of the space.

Finally, don’t forget that plants are always an easy way of making any setting seem refreshingly natural – so why not set some potted greenery by your windowsill? Placing plants around your home is sure to give it a cozy vibe whilst allowing you to bring nature indoors!

With these styling tips in mind, you’ll be able to transform any plain space into one with tasteful charm using nothing but herringbone flooring! No matter what interior design style you’re trying to achieve, one thing’s for certain – it won’t fail when paired with this classic patterned flooring option.

Whichever style direction you choose make sure not to get too hung up on matching every detail perfectly as one of the great things about herringbone floors is that they easily complement any kind of décor whether it be traditional or modern so feel free to have fun with it!

To learn more about our selection of Herringbone Flooring and for more inspiration on how you can style your own herringbone floors, head over to Clever Choice – Australia’s premier online store specializing in tiles and stone material. We offer bright hues ranging from white limestone tiles as well as deep brown ceramic stone options made from sustainable materials – so checking them out would certainly be worthwhile!

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