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DIY home renovations are more popular than ever now. After spending most of the last two years trapped in our homes, many people got to see their greatest asset in a different light. Subtle imperfections that were once ignored became major problems for many families and with the extra foot traffic, the focus ultimately turned to the flooring. Luckily Clever Choice has the perfect solution to turn your old and shabby flooring into a masterpiece with Clever Hybrid Flooring. With a huge range of styles and colours to choose from, Clever Hybrid is the perfect flooring solution for your family home, unit or apartment.

What is Hybrid Flooring?

It’s similar in theory to a hybrid car, it’s a blend. The Clever Hybrid is constructed with a stone, plastic, composite blend (SPC). Clever Choice has managed to find the best mix of ingredients to provide a stable, water and scratch-resistant product that is perfect for any room in your home. Unlike some hardwood alternatives, the Clever Hybrid is child and pet friendly, taking years of product and consumer research to produce a product that is taking the DIY market by storm.

Around the World in Sixteen Floorboards

With twenty-three different thickness and colour options in the Clever Hybrid range, you will not be lost for choice for your DIY project. Not only is the range amazing but each board is named after an iconic and beautiful city from around the world. There will be nothing better than going to Barcelona every time you walk on your Clever Hybrid floor. Some of the other amazing locations you could transport yourself to with Clever Hybrid are

  • Venice
  • Vienna
  • Prague

DIY and Clever Hybrid are a match made in heaven

When you decide to embark on the DIY journey there are many things to consider making the process as stress-free as possible is right at the top of the list. This is where the Clever Hybrid excels. It’s the ease of installation is one of the biggest drawcards, anyone with a little patience and the right tools can transform their home into something special. Easy to cut with a sharp Stanley knife needed in most cases there is very little clean up to worry about and there definitely isn’t any sawdust to contend with. Clever Hybrid comes in two sizes, 6mm and 9mm and comes with its own built-in underlay. With our matching trims and scotias, you can have a seamless transition from room to room, this is DIY flooring at its best.

Easy to maintain

As well as incredible ease of installation the maintenance is the next best feature or lack thereof. You will never have to oil your floor again with the Clever Hybrid-only needing a vacuum or sweep weekly and a wipe over with a spray and mop each month.

Ease of living, ease of maintenance and ease of installation make the Clever Hybrid flooring range a must-have product for all DIY projects. Clever Choice’s new Yatala warehouse is jam-packed with more hybrid flooring that you could lay in a year so do yourself a favour and if you are looking for a flooring solution for your home or office look no further than Clever Hybrid flooring.

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