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Clever Choice partners with renowned logistics company Camerons

Clever Choice is proud to announce its partnership with Camerons Transport for the distribution of Clever customer orders Australia Wide.

Cameron’s Transport established in 1975 by Glen Cameron began his logistics company in Melbourne equipped with a single 8 tonne-tray truck. There was from day 1 the desire to provide superior personalised service, which continues today. What sets Camerons apart is their willingness to assist their customers and resolve challenges. The team at Camerons draws on their extensive business, industry, and personal experiences.

Michael Roberts, General Manager at Clever Choice commented recently, “Whilst we acknowledge that the industry is filled with brilliant transport companies that excel in safety and customer service. It was vital that Clever Choice aligned themselves with a company that shared the same values and commitment to its customers, to be cost-effective and add-value.”

The Clever Choice Warehouse Manager, Minh Ma explained, “the safe and efficient transportation of our Clever customer orders is important, it is also good business to have a company that can track and trace orders with a customer-care focus. The can-do attitude is vital to ensure that everyone along the supply chain can have the comfort and confidence in the supply and delivery of their goods.”

We wish everyone success in all that they do and can only be grateful and appreciative to everyone that supports Clever Choice and its customers!

For more information please contact Clever Choice head office on 07 5526 7399.

Enjoy the video.

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