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A 6 star AAAC rating can be achieved, but there are things you need to be aware of before making your Underlay selection and finalising your purchase!

i. Where is the flooring system being installed?

ii. What specific requirements need to be met according to the Building Code of Australia (BCA), your Strata, and/or Local Council?

iii. What is the construction quality of the building and the rooms? Does the ceiling have an insulated cavity, have the wall junctions been installed correctly, what is the thickness of the subfloor? Basically, was the building constructed with acoustic performance in mind?

iv. Will the underlay suit the flooring type, location, and conditions of installation?

Clever Choice has an extensive range of flooring and underlay products. Some product choices when combined with the proper installation methods on certain sites meeting the strict Building Code of Aust. 2004 (BCA) standards and better, can achieve a 6-star rating subject to individual site-inspection and independent testing.

Impact noise test results are great as an indication, however, they really only validate the precise condition and location that the test was conducted in. The floor type and flooring underlay are only two parts of a whole system.

Just keep in mind that there is not one single factor that determines the acoustic result. There are so many factors and elements that will contribute to the end acoustic result.


See options below to obtain more information about the AAAC rating system and guidelines by:

Visting their website, click here

Downloading their publication titled ‘Apartment and Townhouse Acoustic Rating V1.0’, click here

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