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2022 has been a huge year for Clever Choice Flooring with a move into their new premises in Yatala sparking an unprecedented period of growth. General Manager Michael Roberts sat down to talk about the new move and the growth in the business.


Tell us about your new move into Yatala?

Michael – We have recently opened our new location here at Yatala, 1200 square meters of spacious office and warehousing. So, that excites me and the office staff, we did have a smaller office in Bundall. Now everyone’s got their own space and workstation, we can have phone calls and interact without overhearing someone else which is helping with productivity.

We also have a nice big display centre on-site so we’ve now also got an area where our customers, their customers, can come to touch and feel the product. We are also developing a training room as well, where we’re going to be testing all the products, making training videos and breaking down the common questions and misconceptions about flooring.

What’s been the biggest advantage of the move?

Michael – The biggest advantage by far is having everything under one roof. Last year we had Bundall as our administration office, and we had the warehouse in Sydney. In January we relocated our Bundall administration office and combined it with our New 1200sqm warehouse in Yatala QLD. The Yatala QLD Warehouse reached capacity within 3 months of opening its doors, so we are now looking to expand the Sydney warehouse.

Having the products and staff here on site has made a huge difference, being able to go down to the floor to touch, feel and see all the stock, is making quality control so much easier.

But most importantly the move has been great for our customers, it’s taken us to that next level now that we have a solid Queensland base, and we are very excited the product’s here and in stock. We are not having to wait for the stock to come from interstate, our delivery times have improved considerably for our customers. Clever Choice is now providing an even better customer experience with reduced lead times by another 24 hours, we can deliver to our customers even quicker.

The future is bright for Clever Choice and especially for their customers with 2 warehouses full of stock ready for dispatch. Stock is king in the flooring industry and there is very little doubt that the Clever Choice customer experience is second to none now with flooring stock bursting at the seams. The team at Clever Choice is always ready for any enquiries are questions you may have about your next flooring project. Drop-in and visit the team at Yatala and check out the display centre or come and see us put the product through the ropes in the training room.

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