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Clever Tips to help you maintain your Clever Floors

Clever Choice products have strong wear layers, however, every floor can scratch. Apply the recommendations below to protect and preserve your floor.

1. Apply Felt-Based Pads to Furniture Legs

Apply felt pads to the feet of furniture like tables, chairs, lounges etc, to prevent scratching and damage to your flooring. Ensure these are felt-based, as plastic castors can still scratch the floor.
Be sure to check the pads regularly and replace them when required.

2. Use Rugs and Mats

In areas of excessive traffic and wear, make use of runners or area rugs to protect your floor. Placing mats at all exterior entrances will also help stop sand & grit coming into your house and onto your floor.

Rubber-based furniture or rugs should not be used, as these may leach into the floor and stain the coatings. Additionally, move rugs and mats regularly to clean underneath them and to allow the boards to naturally age evenly with equal exposure to light, oxygen and other factors.

3. Remove Shoes

As mentioned above, sand and grit can be walked through the home and over the floor on the bottom of shoes. Dirt and grit can act like sandpaper on floors and can cause light scratching in the floor’s coating. To protect your floor, remove shoes before entering the home, or, again, make use of mats at entry points. As a recommended backup, an antistatic mop provides an effective means of removing dust and grit.

4. Carefully Move Furniture

If you have just had your floor installed and are moving furniture and appliances back into the home, or if you are simply rearranging or redecorating, remember to use felt-based pads on furniture feet and also to be careful when moving or positioning furniture, as to not drag or scrape it across the floor.

5. Regularly Check Your Vacuum Cleaner
If a vacuum cleaner is used, the condition of the brushes should be regularly checked. If the brushes have worn thin, contact of the metal head on the floor can result in scratching. Also, avoid any abrasive cleaning materials when cleaning your floor. Refer to our care and maintenance guides for more information.

Bonus Tip

Keep your pet’s claws/toes trimmed as an extra precaution to avoid scratching to your floor.

If in any case, you do find scratches appearing on your floor, revisit the checklist above and eliminate factors that may be contributing. Examine the area and see if you can identify the source of the scratching.

Clever Bamboo and Oak are coated with a strong UV water-based aluminium oxide pre-finished protective coating.

When the coating is scratched, the polyurethane in this hardness layer reflects light, resulting in scratches appearing white.

Using products such as Gilly Stephensens Scratch Cover for darker colours and Gilly Stephens Orange oil for lighter colours helps to prevent light reflecting from the scratches and helps to reduce the appearance of scratches on the floor.

For more detailed information about caring for your floor, download a copy of our care and maintenance guides for each of our products from our Installation and Maintenance page.

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